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Colour palette-What to expect from Your photographer?

When choosing a professional photographer for any type of photography, be aware of the professional’s style and colour palette he/she is working in.

Often, we receive questions from our clients about the outcome, colour palette/ atmosphere in the photo galleries they might receive.

The simple truth is – when You are in the lookout for your ideal professional, all the Answers are visible in their portfolio and work that’s created already.

Looking at consistent work and colours you know -that’s what you will receive.

bbPicture will capture your event to create photos that will last a lifetime and will not go out of style.

Light pastel colours, soft and even look is the approach that will be gained by bbPicture photography while capturing your moments.

-If You wonder why light and natural look-I can tell honestly, I think that each photo session, each event is meaningful and important, to be shown and remembered as it was. So You don’t have to question yourself in a years time, about the outcome.

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