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Esteban’s & Bernarda’s – Surprise engagement story

Esteban’s and Bernarda’s story begins back in 2016 in Ecuador. In the time Esteban was studying in Manchester, England and his girlfriend in Colombia. Both were living in two different parts of the world (5228 miles apart, to be exact) and didn’t see each other for more than a year.

After so long-time couple was living separately, Bernarda decided to visit Esteban in England. Shortly before the flight, Esteban mentioned to his girlfriend that this trip won’t be the time, she could expect a proposal and she had to patiently wait for the time to come because that will happen… sometime in the future, but not now. “I already had the ring, I know it was a little mean, but it was worth it!”

The truth was – Esteban knew, this is the time and he will propose to his girlfriend. So, the planning begins, and the story gets more interesting.

“The planning stage was beautiful”, says Esteban, I had a lot of places in mind, that I was thinking for the proposal, but the city that I loved the most was Edinburgh. I have never been to Edinburgh and don’t know the exact place for a proposal, I just wanted to create beautiful memories in the right place and time.” The time I reached out to You, you just gave me the best place in the world!” The Venell!

The ring travelled all the way from Cuenca, Ecuador to Manchester and it arrived 3 days before Bernarda’s arrival. The ring box was kind of big and hard to hide, all morning I hide it on my jacket and in the afternoon I changed to my jeans pocket, which wasn’t the best idea since she wanted to hug me, but I didn’t allow her, so she was kind of mad….

“On the day we were out and about from early morning, sightseeing Edinburgh.”

“I was nervous all day.”

“Because the arranged time with the photographer was at 7 pm I had two hours of more stress and sweat. At 5 pm I started to sweat a lot and Bernarda though that I had the flu, I bought 3 coffees and a red bull, to calm myself down., but this only made things worse, and Bernarda mad. I was shaking, but she still thought that was a flu.

Shortly before the time was coming up, I lied to her that next, we were going to visit a cathedral and said that I will lead the way there. When we arrived at the Vennel ( the place I was going to propose to her) “I saw the photographer and kept walking a bit more than I stopped and told her that I took the wrong direction to the cathedral and we have to turn back, so we went few steps and stopped again and she told me- now what?! So, I told her, I have something to say to you. You don’t have to wait anymore… She didn’t understand and asked what I’m talking about, she looked totally confused. And then… All the magic proposal happened.

I keel down, took the ring and asked to marry me.!”

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